Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poetizing Old Skool with Paul Beatty and me

Live from Whitman and Mos Def's lovely Fort Greene. . .

It is finally here! The long awaited continuance of the Brooklyn College MFA reading set, fresh with its new flesh, design and locale.

Brooklyn College readers are:

Ian Parfrey
Nickolas Henderson
Gloria Munoz
Jenny Williams

Ex-Brooklyn College readers are:

Paul Beatty (White Boy Shuffle, Joker Joker Deuce, 1st ever Poetry Slam champ)

Sharon Mesmer (Annoying Diabetic Bitch, The Virgin Formica, Half Angel, Half Lunch)

* * *

This will be an amazing night of destruction and creation. We need to pack Frank's Lounge with human minds and bodies; so please send this invite on to all friends and foes.

Frank's Lounge is located in the Fulton-Lafayette triangle, right off the A/C, the G (Fulton), or a three minute walk from the Atlantic Center.

Please mark your calendars, datebooks, moleskines, and please please PLEASE come out and enjoy your comrades' work.