Friday, March 19, 2010

I Am A Lonely Oneironaut, In Need Of Salutary Grounding

for Harvey Zuckerman

I am a lonely mushroom cowboy
lonesome as the winter ocean
lonely cyclonic rag tag tranny
waking from a battlestar
walking lost & lonely
galaxy-tipping lonely
lonely and in love with
this poor city & the whole world
singing "lonely boy lonely girl
suddenly soul searching”
Miss Demure
lucidly dreaming
lonely drifter Karen —
lonely schnozz, longest walk —
lord of the living room lonely
John Lennon-taking-a-stand-against-
professional adult orphan
taking crap on two continents
and always getting rained on
by amateur clouds

Oh, solitary psychedelic alchemist
Oh, twisted oneironaut:
tell me GPS gets lonely
tell me déjà vu is lonely
tell me the antipodean dream
at the end of time
is lonely

tell me