Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When the Platypus Kicks Back

I like art movies, books, the duck-billed platypus,
Thai kick-boxing
in the back of a flat-bed,
and the fucking duck-billed platypus,
relaxed and peaceful
from the armpit with a flatulent knee

I don't like staring at a blurry boob
because I have mud like a nun in her church does,
and when pus comes to shove
I kick back with French cuisine
where peacocks breed,
on a precipitous descent prior to believing
I was a tree

Oh, shy the platypus, the red rock,
distributed cognition
situations and actions
depending on neighborhood

Inspect the wine making \ kick back with a spot of sampling
Where peacocks breed

Platypus is semiaquatic
mammal with a broad flat tail
king monotreme
propelling itself through the water
with alternate kicks of its webbed front limbs.
His spurs administer a cocktail of at least six different toxins.
That’s getting physical.
And every time that happens
the platypus dies inside.
He’s used to it.

Not everyone can do the platypus,
you need strength and
great glutes moving
against the stress
of Howie Mandel; he makes me laugh,
platypus enthusiast, 20 years old,
watching platypus on a kangaroo
like a duck-billed cowboy
in Princess Leia